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POETRY: Sara Salavati – ”Do you want a cigarette?”

My mind was pretty out of it at this hour

My inner moral was kicking in

My inner schoolgirl loaded of ‘Not doing drugs’ started parading in my mind

“You don’t smoke?”

I’m already hooked on chocolate

I’m already in need for another shot

I’m already suffering of OCD

“Tell me something about yourself”

If I did you would know me If I did we would run out of conversation

If I did you would run away


That’s my city

That’s where I live

That’s me

“Ladies first”

You go first

You tell me


“What about you?”

The lights from the moving vehicle came closer

It was my call

To leave

I left with the hope of seeing you again

“I’ll find you”

Photo: ”The Lovers” by Rene Magritte, 1928 

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