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Mälardalen University is being sued

The Centrum for Fair Treatment of the University of Mälardalen have announced that they will sue the university for their bad quality of education.

Every year thousands of students from non-EU/EES-countries are entering Sweden and paying high tuition fees expecting to get a very good education for their money. One student who did so is the american Connie Dickinson, who was one of 25 students at Mälardalen’s University, which got accepted to the international program Analytical Finance.  The university promoted the program to be highly professional and applicable for future job opportunities. Turns out teachers weren’t even able to communicate with their students neither in English nor in Swedish. A course about Data Analysis missed out on necessary computers and even chairs to sit on.

Connie have paid about 182 500 Swedish crowns throughout her stay in Sweden and have complained about the study environment but nothing changed. Also her request to get a refund for the paid money was rejected with the substantiation there are no laws or rules regarding this situation. By now it is unclear how this decision could or will affect universities all over Sweden with international programs.

/ Luise Röpke Skribent

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