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KRÖNIKA: Coming to Sweden for one semester

Before I even got in university, I knew I wanted to do my Erasmus semester abroad – still didn’t know where, but pretty much everywhere outside Greece worked. I always thought that it’s going to be an easy transition for me because we used to change cities as a family when I was a child because of my father’s job. And still as an adult I was apart from people I love and care about all the time, including my family since I have lived alone for seven years now.

One toxic relationship and one bachelor’s degree afterwards (I’m not going to kiss and tell how many years have gone by) and now I am student again with the opportunity to finally do my Erasmus (let’s be honest reason number one to get into law school was just that)

Making a choice was HARD. I still remember this period as one of the most stressful. Making decisions makes me stressful in general. So, I really wanted to experience a country -far away- and different from my own- Greece. I chose Sweden for that – and in particular Örebro. I remember how much I cried the day I left Greece, but I also remember how enthusiastic I felt when I was on the airplane above the clouds. Enthusiastic about my new home and life.

The first two days at least, I didn’t like anything. My room, the common kitchen, the supermarket. Anything. I barely left my room the first few days. I remember one day my ESN group had plans for pre-drinking and there was a party evening planned. Pretty casual. But the combination of homesickness and anxiety couldn’t even let me leave my bed. I used to cry at random times of the day. Especially when I saw my place or my closest people doing something together back home. Whenever I saw them, I felt like I really wanted to go back. I didn’t understand what I was doing here. I couldn’t be happy or grateful with anything here.

The last thing I could’ve expected was that I would miss the city I live in Greece, because for the last few years I didn’t really like it anymore there. But here I was missing my favorite bar and a walk in the city center. I am not sure if you miss the people or the place though. Since I came here, I feel that people also define our relationships to places.

I am not sure what happened and when and I started feeling more comfortable here. But it happened. And it will happen to you too even if it doesn’t feel like that now. People, nature, pastries help a lot…

A month passed by for me to feel kind at home here. Now I don’t want to leave.

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