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A quick guide of second-hand shops in Örebro

As a thrifting fan, I was amazed of the number of second-hand shops in Örebro – and Sweden in general. Back home in France, I know we have a lot too, but I have to admit that the Swedish ones are really nice. I decided to write this short guide for all the vintage lovers, but also for you that “only got twenty dollars in my pocket” and don’t want to spend all your money on clothes, home decoration or another kitschy lampshade.

And if you are not totally convinced by the benefits of second-hand, I can just add that buying in second-hand shops is a sustainable, cheaper and original way of doing shopping!

N.B: Some addresses might be missing as I do not already know Örebro like the back of my hand… But here is my second-hand shops guide!


Description: Myrorna was created in Stockholm in 1896 by a group of women who wanted to help persons in need. It is nowadays owned by the Salvation Army (Frälsningsarmén) and is the biggest chain of second-hand shops in Sweden.

Address: Fredsgatan 3

What I like about it: This shop is the one in which I spend the most of my thrifting time. It is quite big and you can find whatever you need: if you like clothes, there is a “regular” clothes section, but in the other side of the shop you can find the vintage part. And in between, you can thrift a lot of bibelots, from small domestic electrical to dishes, by way of books, comics or lampshades.

What I like about it: This smaller Myrorna shop opened in October 2019 and the items are more selected: you could think this shop is selling new stuff (but the prices stay exactly the same as others second-hand shops – affordable).

Ge för livet Second hand

Description: Ge för livet was created in 1967 and is run by the Evangelical Church (Evangeliska Frikyrkan). The first shop in Örebro opened in 1995. The money earned by the organisation goes to humanitarian projects such as children’s rights or fight against human trafficking.

What I like about it: This shop in the city center is selling clothes, dishes, decoration and books. What makes it an even nicer place to go is the small café located inside the shop, where you can get an affordable fika in a really cosy place.

Address: Nastagatan 20

What I like about it: This shop is bigger than the one in the city centre, and even though it sells the same things, it is more focused on selling furniture. There is also a café part inside the shop, which make you enjoy your thrifting trip.

Röda Korset – Second Hand-butiken

Description: The Red Cross organisation is the biggest NGO in the world, and also in Sweden. Among the country, the Red Cross organisation (Röda Korset) owns around 300 second hand shops.

Address: Firmavägen 4

What I like about it: This second hand shops is also selling clothes, furniture, books. They even have a section where they sell unsold new clothes from other shops.

Others that I did not try yet:

Stadsmissionen Second Hand

Erikshjälpen Second Hand

Address: Åbyvägen 1


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