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Use the gym to watch TV

In the beginning of the semester the gym on Campus istalled new training machines from Preva. Lösnummer decided to try them out. The new Preva gym allows you to watch TV and use the internet. Now you can study from your bicycle seat and work out can be fun and productive.

Four of Lösnummer’s editorial members are making their way to ÖUIF’s gym at the University at 8.30 in the morgning. Johanna Krebser is the instructor at ÖUIF and she will be their guide through the new training machines from Preva that are istalled at the gym.  Johanna’s bright and smiling face meets the tired Lösnummer team outside the gym.

The first thing needed for the new Preva gym is a tag. Johanna starts with informing the team about  Preva and the tag. She mentions that the tag is the key for entering into the Preva gym experience. To begin using Preva you have to register. On the touch screens, in front of each work-out machine, you add your name, age, email and a password. After the formalities it has never been easier. The next time you want to log-on to the machine you flash your tag in front of your machine and the screen welcomes you to your workout. You can choose Preva’s prepared workouts or create your own. Johanna says she likes to make her own. She saves them on the system so she can go back to them when she likes. On the machines you are able to catch up on your favourite TV series, surf the web or listen to music. You are also able to attach your iPod in a small dock on the machine allowing you to burn calories to the music of your choice and also take advantage of your Preva App, if you decide to download it onto your phone.

Having access to the internet can be a great way to study. Manoeuvring through the internet on Preva is not as intuitive as the computer, so having the articles you need to read on ready links in your email is helpful. The combination of sports and reading is ideal. It allows you to concentrate better on the text. It probably has to do with oxygen entering the brain, being active helps lessen the need for distraction. If you are tired of reading you can just lean back and enjoy the music of the gym for few seconds. There is no longer an excuse to skip the gym because you have to study. The gym is your place to study.

If you come to the gym to unwind, you can. Make sure to bring your headphones or your work-out will include a lesson in lip-reading. Also pay attention to your neck, watching the screens while running can cause it to get slightly sore. On the bike however, that is less of a problem since you are seated and do not move up and down as much. As the training progresses, the sweat starts to run. The touch-screen screen responds however, even to sticky fingers. Avoid touching your eyes afterward though, to not catch an eye infection.

You can take Preva home by downloading their app. The app works for the Preva equipment but also the previous gym machines. You type in the weight you lifted for example, and the amount of times and the app calculates the calories you burnt and adds it to your training schedule.

By 9.45 AM Lösnummer’s session comes to an end. Sweaty and enlightened from the new information they have soaked in from the screens, they leave the gym.

/ Hulda Fahmi Skribent


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