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Another month, another soup.

A week until CSN means we have another soup lunch! This time it was time for tomato soup, which already received plus points since I mentioned it in my latest review. Last month, Kårhuset sold a record number of soup bowls, and it looks like they will reach this number once again.

In contrast to last month's soup, this was an explosion of flavour for the tastebuds. It was obvious they were not afraid to use spices this time around, to the dismay of some people not used to half a peppercorn. It tasted exactly as one might expect tomato soup to taste, with the extra spice to heighten the experience.

The texture of the soup was nice and thick, with a couple of chunky bits of onion and something I’ve been unable to identify. The colour of the soup was a bit suspicious, but that was probably mostly due to the amount of cream used. 

Today’s feedback suggested adding pasta to the tomato soup and offering garlic butter for the bread since this would complement the flavour of the tomato soup. Overall, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, both from others and myself. In the end, the tomato soup was everything I had envisioned and more.

Don’t forget to join the soup-lunch experience again next month!

Taste - 10/10

Price - 10/10

Spice - 8/10 (Not everyone is appreciative of the amount)

Overall - 9.5/10

Author: Rowan de Blok

Photographer: Hugo Nikitin

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