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Poetry: “We’ve had nice conversations together. You don’t agree?”

The following text is a poem written by Sara Salavati, one of Lösnummers writers. Would you like to get a poem of your own published, in English or Swedish? Send an email to!

They don’t surprise They don’t achieve madness They don’t change

“You disappeared last time”

I thought so too I thought the party was lame I thought it would bring us closer

“I like your fragrance”

I like the way you affirm it I like the way you know it I like you

“Where are you originally from?”

I don’t get how we fight for the same rights I don’t get how we follow the same people I don’t get how we listen to the same songs

“I’m pretty boring. 100,1 % germannnnnnnn”

And still not reach the same desires

“Tough crowd here”

Regardless of any mindfulness app Regardless of what they say I can’t change my mind about you

“Tougher than a Gordian knot”

Nevertheless, there will always be a ‘just’ Until the day I decide to laugh it off Of what you did

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