Visit Örebros tattoo convention this Saturday

21 oktober, 2015, 15:15 Evenemang, International Lämna en kommentar

Do something different this weekend and visit Örebro’s tattoo convention October the 24th.

This Saturday you can experience Örebro’s and Sweden’s finest tattoo artists at Örebro kulturhus, located at Järnvägsgatan 8. The doors open at 12:00 and the activities continue throughout the day (until 00:00). The convention is visiting Örebro for the third time and has many exhibitors, as well as plenty of entertainment and music. If you are over 18 you can even buy food and drinks from the bar and kitchen inside the convention area. (Do remember, that there will be no serving, food or drinks for people under 18)

Get your ticket on time!

Tattoo Mess 2015 165 kr

Ticket + wardrobe 180 kr

KRÖNIKA: Coming to Sweden for one semester

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Before I even got in university, I knew I wanted to do my Erasmus semester abroad – still didn’t know…


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Every year Örebro student union gives out an award to two teachers who have stood out for their excellent teaching….

Meet the new exchange students

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Currently at Örebro University new exchange students are arriving. This semester the university is welcoming around 150 exchange students. Lösnummer…

Vi avslöjar priserna i nya studenttävlingen

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Nu i dagarna lanseras en ny tävling från Örebro studentkår. Den går under namnet Prisjakten och är till för att…

Debate article: DokSek – A forgotten student section to the university

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The following text is a debate article. The opinions voiced is belonging to the respective authors, not Lösnummer. Lösnummer is independent…

Why it is important to write letters to your family and friends – Advice for exchange students

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When you read the title of this article, you might have thought “Is she crazy? We are in 2020, no…

Christmas time in Sweden – seen by an exchange student

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When I applied for my year abroad in Sweden, one of the things that I was really looking forward was…

A quick guide of second-hand shops in Örebro

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As a thrifting fan, I was amazed of the number of second-hand shops in Örebro – and Sweden in general….

Webb-TV: Time to Go!

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About two weeks ago did the International office of Örebro University host an event at Kårhuset. This event was called…

Orientation Program Autumn 2019: ”Those four weeks were freaking amazing”

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Maybe you heard about the Orientation Program (OP) before. Before I start, let me just say, that those four weeks…