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POEM: Matthew Loh – ”And So the Road Splits Once More…”

And so the moment has come

When we’ll count down each day

Each hour, each minute

Before we all must away.

That long, winding path

That each of us walk:

It turned to sever us

From the rest of the flock.

And that’s how we met! Along this fateful crossroad.

Look at the friendships we’ve forged

And the bonds that followed!

So before you go

Why not stay awhile?

Come remember with me

Before you start that next mile.

Remember the moment

When you first got to this place?

Out there freezing on the station

With snow blowing in your face.

Adventure was out there!

You wondered who you would meet.

As you grabbed your fika and pizza

And soon found a seat.

People from everywhere!

It was a global occasion.

Germans, English, and Belgians

And even the odd Asian.

Oh, and remember the snow?

It actually turns into ice.

You’ve slipped and you’ve fallen

Once, twice, and now thrice.

And now it’s time to party!

It’s time to start balling.

But what on earth are these prices?

You felt your bank balance falling.

You worked at Kåren for a bit.

You sliced bread and served beer,

Praying they wouldn’t ask you

To man the cashier.

Winter soon passed

And along came fair Spring.

We opened our windows

And watched the temperature swing…

Back to the cold! Get me my sweater!

Now it’s 25 degrees!

What’s up with this weather?

Barbecues and bike rides

Parties and discos

We’ve been through a lot together

Especially annoying mosquitoes.

And as the days rolled by

You start to realise

That this crossroad must end

You’ll have to say your goodbyes.

And now we’re finally here.

It’s time to bid you adieu.

You don’t want to leave

But everyone’s leaving you.

It’s sad and it hurts

And there isn’t really a cure.

Yet every conclusion’s an opportunity:

It opens a brand new door.

We’ll see each other again

Of this I am sure

Though we’ll be worlds apart

Our friendship will endure.

And the memories we’ve built

The laughter we’ve shared

They’ll last for eternity

So hey, don’t be scared.

Now let’s see that smile!

Wipe those tears away, friend

Because this is just the beginning.

It won’t be the end.

Writer: Matthew Loh

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