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People gather in support of the new Nights Watch

When Lösnummer visits the meeting about the recent assaults around campus the air in HSL1 is filled with the static charge of apprehension as people mill about, all chatting. Everyone trying to keep up their calm resilience but under the surface it is abundantly clear that they are nervous, maybe even afraid. Many are laughing and joking with one another as they wait for the proceedings to begin.

No one thinks they will meet malicious violence in their life, but that is what has transpired. The sense of security that they once shared has been taken away from their surroundings. That is why they have come together, to stand in defiance of that fear.

Jozephine-Pilgrim Gimling stands before those that have gathered in support of her movement to take back the sense of security for Örebro University students, her injuries starkly apparent against the strong resolve that is set upon her features. But that resolve does not stop the tears from flowing freely.

Gimiling is one of the victims of the recent outbreak of attacks that have taken place on and around the university campus. She is also the reason so many people have come in support of the Nights Watch that she began through her Facebook movement, Nattvandra för Varandra – Nights Watch for Each Other. Her courage garnered a great deal of support from the entire community of Örebro. Local police, campus officials and security personnel, even officials from the municipality along with many others have all come to insure the safety and security of the students. – It has been a group effort but our most important assets are the students, we are here to support them, declared Eric Nilsson, head of Örebro campus security.

While measures have been taken to increase the presence of security personnel on campus they are limited in their ability to patrol the outlying areas of the university. It is the hope that by forming these student orchestrated escort groups people will feel safer and future assaults will be deterred. However if another incident does occur Nilsson had further advice: – Contact the police, I don’t think it is the best idea to interfere.

/ Robert Brewster Writer

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