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KÅRkampen HT17: Ten contests – nine student union sections – one winner

During weeks 40-49 the student union sections of Örebro university will compete against each other in KÅRkampen. Timebeer on October 5th marks the start of the competition, with minigolf on the second floor of Kårhuset. The team with the least amount of strokes wins!

Points are awarded every week, first place being worth twelve points, second place being worth ten points, and so forth. The points are gathered at the end of the semester and the winning student union section will receive the traveling trophy and a special evening at Kårhuset – so gather your friends and head to Kårhuset on Wednesdays 11am to 2pm! The results will be posted on Lösnummers homepage every week, make sure to follow your student union section’s progress!

Competing student union sections:










Point system:

1st place – 12 points

2nd place – 10 points

3rd place – 8 points

4th place – 7 points

5th place – 6 points

6th place – 5 points

7th place – 4 points

8th place – 3 points

9th place – 2 points As the competition is ten weeks long, the maximum amount of points that can be recieved is 120. At times the best performers can receive individual prizes.

How to win points

– Every contestant from a student union section will receive points

– The total sum of the contest results gives points (for example: 7 strokes in average in the minigolf based on all participants in a student union section)

– The most points will be awarded for every completed work shift at Kårhuset. To recieve points: Write your student sections name after your name on the work shift schedule !

The points from the different contests and work shifts will be added up to find out which student union section receives the 12 points of each week!


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