One year for Pasta La Vista

16 oktober, 2014, 16:03 International, Mat & hälsa Lämna en kommentar

Lets face it, studying is hard work and that will make you hungry.  After spending hours upon hours of working, untill your brain reached its limit, it’s nice not to have to worry about getting something for dinner too. Unfortunately your choices can be limited late in the evenings around Örebro’s campus since most of the places that serve food are only open during lunch time hours. 

Madjid Karradi is someone who took a student’s schedule into consideration and one year ago on November 16th he opened Pasta La Vista.  He was generous enough to take time out to sit down with us and discuss the upcoming anniversary of his establishment.

Having been successful opening several other Italian restaurants Karradi was motivated by sympathy for the plight of hungry students.
– I wanted to help the students since pasta is inexpensive. I want to have all the prices at 39 kronor, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

The small takeout restaurant prepares a variety of dishes, some of which are quite unique for an Italian restaurant. Pasta La Vista’s owner doesn’t limit the options on his menu, serving food he loves, even if it isn’t traditional.
– My favorite dish is the chicken curry with rice, he says with a smile. We are always trying new food, like sushi. I just want to mix it all together and try new things.

Karradi and his staff are hopeful for another prosperous year at Örebro University, providing students with something good to eat.

/ Robert Brewster and William Öhman
Writer and photographer

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