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Lösnummer is Örebro Student Union’s independent paper and was founded in 1966. Our goal is to offer a natural source of news and entertainment for the students of Örebro University.


Lösnummer is a paper for students and for us it is obvious that it should also be run by students. Apart from the editor-in-chief (works full-time) and the vice editor-in-chief (a student who is working part-time) there are only voluntarily engaged students who produce all content for the paper, in our social medias and for our YouTube-channel.


Are you interested in creating an incredible student paper with us? In addition to a fantastic community and a space for creativity, you will have the opportunity to develop in journalism, photography, PR or other sorts of media production. Furthermore, involvement with us give you excellent qualifications on your résumé and prepares you for future work with media! Your pre-existing knowledge or your education does not matter – it only requires willpower and commitment to be a part of our amazing crew.


Send an email to if you are interested in helping us creating content. We are looking forward to hear from you!


On our website you will find a wide range of articles, which are united by the idea of being able to create content that the students of Örebro University consider interesting and important. We want all students to get news about student life and the university through us, which can be anything from information about events that take place on Campus to photos from Kåren.


You can also send in your own texts or debate articles to make your voice heard through Lösnummer, as well as respond to texts other students have written. This is simply a site you want to keep track of!


Lösnummer is an independent part of Örebro Student Union, who also are involved in financing the paper. But at the same time, it works independently from its authorities and it is our mission to examine and investigate them. It is a mission we take very seriously and see as our contribution to a democratic student union for everyone.

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