Lösnummers guide to surviving November

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November is here, the broccoli of the months. Halloween is dead, but Christmas is still a little too far away for you to crank up the ”All I want for Christmas” and bake gingerbread. November can make even the happiest person feel a bit blue, so here are a few tips on how to survive it.

Get as much sunlight as you possibly can!
In the fall we northerners don’t get a lot of sunshine – so when the sun is up, go outside. If you don’t have time to sit in the sun, five minutes of natural light on your hands and face is good enough and will do you wonders.

Play the game
Everybody loves a good board game. Invite your friends over for game night! Twister, yatzy and scrabble are some classics. If you don’t have any games at home, you can go to your local bar and play there as many bars have board games for free, or for a small fee. There are even websites where you can play board games with people all over the world.

Break a sweat!
Working out causes your body to release endorphins, the body’s natural happy pills. Studies have shown that people who work out have better mental health and a stronger immune system. It can even help you sleep better. Plus, it never hurt anyone to be in good shape.

Read something that’s not course literature, finally.
Many people find comfort in reading an all-time favorite. So dust off your old books, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, re-read your favorite and escape the cold and dark days.

Have a movie marathon
We already spend a lot of time inside during November, so it’s the perfect excuse to watch five movies in a row without feeling guilty. Now is the perfect time to watch all those classics you always wanted to see but never got round to before. Pop the popcorn and enjoy.

Light some candles
Light up some candles in your apartment or room. The candles will make it feel both warmer and cozier. (Remember: never leave candles lit on when you leave home!)

Get creative
Turn up your creativity and make something! Pick up that paintbrush and do something new and fun. Maybe give your friends and family a handmade card or present this year. Happiness is handmade.

Hope this will help!

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