How to be ready for the new semester

1 februari, 2015, 12:55 International Lämna en kommentar

It can be difficult to get back into the swings of things after the holidays since getting back on schedule is never easy. But worry not; there are many ways to make the transition without breaking your brain.

The simple act of meeting with friends before classes can help ease the flow back into academics. Also, having a recovery time between vacation and the start of classes is key. This is particularly true of you who are suffering from jet lag and need to overcome the ill effects of your body adjusting to a new time zone. If classes regularly begin at 10:00 in the morning then it is important that you train yourself, before classes have actually begun, to start getting up early to make it there on time. This allows your system to become acclimated to a non-vacation timetable

Properly unpacking can also help you feel like at home, improving your mind-set for the coming university challenges. It can be useful to just throw yourself full on into your work, to immediately get back into the schedule you had before the holiday.  This could also be utilised before you return to Örebro, by keeping your knowledge “warm” through occasional academic pursuits over the holiday, such as reading or watching a thought-provoking film. Something that Fredrik Sturzenbecker, a professor of media communications, recommends.

Now each person is different, and not every method works for everyone. Find something that works for you and stick with it. Don’t get discouraged, it’s going to take more than a night to get back in the swing of things. Welcome back and good luck.

/ Robert Brewster

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